The First Cookie I Baked for my Co-Workers

Close friends know that I used to work in a toxic environment and 2017 was a roller coaster of events filled with drama and anger in the workplace. I had moved between 3 different jobs by the end of 2017 and I had major trust issues and I didn’t/couldn’t open up to my co-workers. Almost 2 months with my department and I’ve warmed up a bit to my co-workers and I decided to bake for them. I baked fresh chocolate chip cookies and even wrapped them up all fancy. First impressions are everything and I didn’t want to be handing my new co-workers a cookie in a plastic baggie! I really didn’t have any fancy wrapping so I just used whatever was handy in the kitchen. Lots of parchment paper (thanks Costco!) and twine!


I used this recipe. I’ve been eyeing this blog and have been wanting to use this recipe for a long time and I finally decided to try it this past weekend! It made wonderful big cookies. At first when I had my husband try them he didn’t seem to like them too much because they were crispy on the outside. My family loves chewy and soft cookies so anything crispy makes them a little skeptical. The next day however, they set and were more chewy and he enjoyed them a lot more!


Look at those ridges! Of course this technique isn’t the only way you can achieve those ridges but it does create a cookie with nice and crispy edges and a chewy gooey inside.


So grab a glass of milk and dig in!


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